Dalton Cyr – Invisible

Dalton Cyr – Invisible

Posted On: March 7, 2016
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Dalton Cyr newDalton Cyr continues to be one of the most notable young artists to come into the Hollywood limelight over the past two years!

He first came to the attention of this promotional network at the very beginning of his career and we continue to publish updates about him whenever we’re able to catch up with him.

Dalton isa standout young artist due to the fact that he writes all his own material and has worked very hard to perfect his guitar and other musical skills.

In addition to be selected as an inductee into Brotherhood of the Guitar last year, he also began a career as an actor. His first role was in an Amazon.com series, proving he is not just a single prop airplane but a duel engine jet which has already taken off headed for the highest of heights in the entertainment industry.

Dalton also just shared with us that his new original song “The Way It Should Be” will be featured in the new movie that he also has a role in, called “Time Toys”.  Be watching for that one!

Congrats Dalton Cyr from everyone involved with Rivenmaster and Torchlight Talent!

In this post we are featuring Dalton’s latest music video for his original hit single “Invisible”.  Watch and Enjoy!