Sam Santiago covers Adele “Someone Like You”

Sam Santiago covers Adele “Someone Like You”

Posted On: January 11, 2012
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Sam Santiago has made giant strides this year in his career having done numerous performances in and around San Diego CA and across the US.  

He appeared on WZZM TV in Grand Rapids Michigan this past summer and continues to be requested to perform for large church congregations, birthday parties, athletic events and has even been invited all the way to the Philippians for Television and concert performances.

While Sam is still doing many cover songs he is just waiting for the opportunity to show what he can do with original work!

You better get ready because somehow I feel that 2012 is gong to be the year for Sam Santiago!

While Sam is just nine years old he already sings and performs like he has been singing for years and the professionalism that he demonstrates in every music video is astounding to say the least!

So fasten your seat belts and get on board because this boy is going places!

Help Sam by supporting his

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He has set a goal for 4,000 subscribers by this coming Summer!

While this is a very ambitious goal I believe that the talent he shows is worthy of this kind of following and support!

Click on this picture to link there now and hit the Subscribe button for Sam!

Be sure to let all your friends know about Sam!

He isn’t just a star of tomorrow he is a star of today!